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May 4, 2018
by jlsimpson

Persuasive text sample

After discussing this sample view the BTN story on junk food ads.

You will be writing a persuasive text titled ‘There should be no junk food ads’

Decide whether you agree or disagree.

Using your iPads you have 50 mins to find statistics, information and facts to support your view. This is a research only session!

May 4, 2018
by jlsimpson

Alessandro Volta


Paste the two pages into your inquiry book. Read carefully. Make a timeline of important events in Volta’s life. You can do this in your books too.

In pairs discuss the way scientists make or make their ideas.

Why did the scientists disagree?

What was the first thing Volta did when he disagreed with Galvani? Why?

Did either of them change their ideas? Did they change other people’s ideas?

What could have happened if Volta agreed with Galvani?

Did the scientist you have done your biography on get ideas from other scientists? Give an example.

What does the quote “There are no new ideas” mean?

Answer these questions in your inquiry books.

February 9, 2018
by jlsimpson


Next week we will be reading this Paul Jennings story called Seeshell ( I haven’t made a spelling mistake).  You might like to read the story over the weekend. This will give you the ‘heads up’ (idiom) for next week.


November 14, 2017
by jlsimpson

Statistics Assessment Task



Cut out 50 capital cities and their temperatures. Use the template to organize your data and complete the histogram. Write 3 statements about your data.



Using all the data create a histogram. Make sure the range in each column is the same amount. e.g 1-5 6-10,11-15. Write 3 statements about your data.



Sort your data into a.m and p.m.or  convert to 24 hour time.  Then include temperatures. It is up to you how you show this on the histogram. Write 3 statements about your data.



Sort your data in two different ways. E.g time of day/type of weather or temperature/type of weather. This data must be represented on one histogram. List at least 3 types of data sets that could be BEST represented on a histogram.

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