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July 26, 2018
by jlsimpson

Friday 27th July

11.30-12.00 Hot management time. Please make sure you finish off anything not completed. This would be a good time for a final Shark Tank practise. Everyone needs to write at least three questions in your English books that you could ask a person presenting their product. Each of you will be asking these questions as part of your peer assessment. Think carefully about the questions and be aware you may need to change them depending on the presentation.

12.00-12.45 Yesterday you developed a character. Today I would like you to create the world or the setting of this character. Represent this visually as a drawing on a double page of your English book. You may add notes and label where you think it is appropriate.

1.50-2.00 Grade level meeting in the hall. Production practise in the hall for the afternoon. 6s and 6L.

July 25, 2018
by jlsimpson

Bedroom design.

This morning you are going to spend up big. You all have the design brief in your decorate your bedroom folders with the instructions. You need to decide on your colour and decorating theme. What do you have room for in your bedroom? You have to allow for floor covering and or/mats in your budget as well as paint costs.  Bedding, sheets, pillows also have to be purchased. There are plenty of websites to go to for ideas. Freedom furniture, K-Mart, Big W etc. What have you always wanted?  Don’t forget you only have a budget of $5000. You must include all costs and the dimensions ( where possible) of your purchases as they will have to be scaled down. Create a table or a mood board will all the details. I am looking forward to seeing all your wonderful ideas later today.

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